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Entangled Heron Rescue

Posted March 18, 2022 by Sasha, Wildlife Technician

In late February, Wildlife Rescue was alerted to a Great Blue Heron whose beak was badly entangled in netting. Our rescue team was dispatched immediately to assess the situation and attempt rescue. However, since the bird was fully flighted, capture...

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A Happy Ending for a Goldeneye

Posted August 30, 2021 by Sasha, Wildlife Technician

At the beginning of June, Wildlife Rescue received possibly the cutest little duckling. Found orphaned on the side of the highway with no parents or siblings in sight, this little one was transported all the way from Whistler to Wildlife...

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Long Road to Recovery for Common Raven

Posted July 28, 2021 by Sasha, Wildlife Technician

Back at the beginning of May, Wildlife Rescue was alerted to an injured adult Common Raven in Haida Gwaii by Dr. Walton at Dewdney Animal Hospital. This beautiful Corvid was admitted with a large laceration wound on its keel and...

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Glue Traps Pose Challenges to Wildlife

Posted June 29, 2021 by Vindi Sekhon

Glue traps are a pest control measure using glue as the method of trapping nuisance animals and wildlife indoor and outdoor. The pest gets caught in the glue and then the trap is thrown away. There are two different types...

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Waterfowl Wildlife Prone to Human Disturbances

Posted by Vindi Sekhon

Every year, hundreds of wildlife seek care and support from individuals like you! Most of the animals in the care at Wildlife Rescue Association are birds, and it’s no surprise. These adaptable creatures share our urban environment, but they face...

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Fledgling Raven Reunited with Family 

Posted May 21, 2021 by Sasha, Wildlife Technician

Spring is baby bird season! With an abundance of life outside, it is a great time to go birdwatching and enjoy nature's busy season!   Recently, a wildlife lover came across a Fledgling Common Raven. The sight of the big beautiful...

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Get Ready for Spring!

Posted February 5, 2021 by Vindi Sekhon

Every year, signs of spring fill the air as we feel the temperatures lifting, hear the chorus of year-round and migratory birds returning and the smell of fresh green grass as we step outside. It’s the perfect time to welcome...

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Entangled Great Blue Heron a Success Story

Posted January 8, 2021 by Vindi Sekhon

A magnificent sight on British Columbia’s coastline, Great Blue Herons are a symbol of the brilliance of nature. With their wide wings, “S” shaped necks, beautiful grey-blue feathers and their peacefully still stance in the water, these birds are a...

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Endangered Barn Owl Entangled in Netting

Posted by Vindi Sekhon

Found entangled in netting, this Barn Owl was recently brought to Wildlife Rescue in critical condition, suffering from dehydration and hypothermia. Unfortunately, cases like this are common - netting, such as plastic six-pack rings and even single-use masks can be...

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Sora waterbird with a Candy-Corn Bill Survives Cat Attack

Posted September 23, 2020 by Vindi Sekhon

The Sora is a small waterbird of the family Rallidae, sometimes referred to as the sora rail or sora crake. This small chicken-like bird is chubby with uniquely long toes that help it to tackle floating vegetation when searching for...

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