Who We Are

The Wildlife Rescue Association of BC was established in 1979 to rehabilitate wildlife affected by human activity and provide education to the public on co-existing with urban wildlife.

Before the Wildlife Rescue was founded, there was no rehabilitation service for wildlife in Metro Vancouver, and members of the public had nowhere to turn when they found an animal in distress. Thanks to the determination of a small band of volunteers, a small rehabilitation centre was established at the Nature House on the north side of Burnaby Lake.

Today, Wildlife Rescue runs its wildlife hospital on the south shore of Burnaby Lake where it treats animals from around the province of British Columbia.

Metro Vancouver is developing rapidly and animals living in the urban environment face many challenges such as busy roads, loss of habitat, pollution, pet predation, poisoning, unsecured garbage and direct human cruelty.

With a team of professional wildlife rehabilitators and an army of volunteers we are able to provide temporary refuge to a diverse range of animals. We are not a wildlife sanctuary and once the animals in our care are healthy and ready to live in the wild, we release them back to their natural habitat.

We educate the public through 20,000 annual calls to our wildlife helpline, media campaigns, and outreach displays at local events.

80% of our funds come through donations and without funding and support from members of the public, local business and the wider community, none of the work we do would be possible.

Registered Charity # 131373490RR0001

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