Wildlife Hospital

Hospital Hours: 9am-4pm, 7 days a week

Wildlife Helpline: (604) 526-7275 (9am-3pm, 7 days a week)

The wildlife hospital is open 7 days a week to receive any injured wildlife. The Wildlife Technicians, helpline staff and volunteers are available every day to help wildlife and the public and can give advice on many different wildlife situations.

Wildlife technicians are working together with wildlife veterinarians and animal care volunteers to provide the best medical care and rehabilitation possible with the goal to release the animal back into the wild.

The wildlife hospital receives over 6,000 wild animals a year which includes a wide variety of bird species, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Many different injuries are diagnosed and treated using veterinary equipment such as digital radiology.

Injuries can be caused by vehicle collisions, hitting windows and cat attacks to name a few. Other issues that the hospital encounters are contamination of feathers or fur with oil or other products. Animals can also be displaced, trapped or orphaned. When the public encounters these situations the staff and volunteers on the wildlife helpline and the wildlife technicians at the hospital will provide sound advice.

Public Visitation

Wildlife Rescue is not open for public visitations. As a hospital, the work being done on-site requires a very sensitive, controlled environment to ensure the best care possible. Having members of the public enter onto the grounds to see the animals is not possible as it can negatively impact their recovery.

If you are interested in seeing the animals, we have videos, photos, and stories about the work being done here on our Instagram, Facebook, YouTube channel, and a monthly e-newsletter which you can subscribe to on the bottom of the page!

Thank you for your understanding.

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