Rescue, Transport, and Release

Wildlife Rescue assists wildlife during all phases of care including the rescue, transport and release of injured and orphaned wildlife.


Wildlife Rescue’s involvement starts with wildlife in distress. The Rescue program has trained volunteers to assist the public with capture and containment of injured wildlife in challenging scenarios. Whether it’s a heron trapped in netting or a family of goslings stuck on an urban highrise, there are various situations where Wildlife Rescue can assist!


With more than 6,000 patients coming to us annually, we rely on the public to bring injured wildlife to our facility whenever possible. If it’s not possible, please contact us as we have trained volunteers on-call to assist with transport.


The release of an animal after rehabilitation is the most rewarding part of our operations. Wildlife is always returned to appropriate local habitat.

To ask for our assistance, please call the Wildlife Helpline: (604) 526-7275

Release of 40 Mallard ducks

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