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Fighting Chance for Red Crossbill Pair

Posted September 5, 2020 by vindi

Known for the beautiful red colour of their feathers, Red Crossbills are a striking sight in British Columbia’s forests. These small birds tend to eat an assortment of foods ranging from seeds (such as the seeds of spruce, pine, and...

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Rare Albino Northwestern Crow Looking for Support!

Posted August 2, 2020 by vindi

The most common crow sighting in British Columbia you will see along the shorelines is the Northwestern crow. Unlike American Crows, Northwestern Crows are smaller with a deeper voice and are often found along beaches, islands or at landfill sites...

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Western Small-Footed Bat Unique to Wildlife Rescue Hospital

Posted July 31, 2020 by vindi

The Western small-footed bat is a member of the large and widely distributed Myotis within the bat family. With its black mask on its face, ears, and forearms and beautiful wings made of stretched membrane this small bat weighs approximately...

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Abandoned Nestling Learning Essential Skills at Wildlife Rescue Hospital

Posted July 30, 2020 by vindi

Like many other birds, Black-headed Grosbeak breed in British Columbia and then migrate south to warmer climates. The Black-headed Grosbeak male are easily identifiable by their orange breasts, blackheads, and black and white wings. Females have brown heads and orange...

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Strike Two for Sociable Birds

Posted July 22, 2020 by vindi

With a black stripe on their pale brown heads, light grey wings tipped with red, and a short tail tipped with yellow, Cedar Waxwings can be spotted near streams and grasslands in British Columbia all year.  However, they can be...

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Year-Round Bird Faces Severe Head Trauma

Posted July 20, 2020 by vindi

Conifer Feeding Bird found Year-Round! Spotted in British Columbia year-round, Red Crossbills are beautiful birds. Male Red Crossbills can be easily identified due to the sharp red colour of their feathers, the females, with their yellow and olive-brown colour, are...

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Spotted Towhee Survives Nest Disturbance

Posted July 16, 2020 by vindi

A familiar sight in British Columbia, male Spotted Towhees have reddish-orange flanks, black wings, and grey underwings, though the females have grey wings instead of black. These clever sparrows tend to dart from place to place by hopping rather than...

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How to Protect Ground Nesting Wildlife

Posted July 15, 2020 by vindi

Who is this beautiful shorebird? With large heads and eyes, and thin legs with wide wings, Killdeer can be spotted on the West Coast year-round. Like many other birds, Killdeer have brown wings and white bottoms. They also have a...

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Support Your Local Wildlife on Canada Day!

Posted June 30, 2020 by vindi

Canada is home to a diverse range of birds, and to celebrate them we also must make sure we provide support and conservation efforts to help protect them.  Patrolling up and down the rivers and shorelines, the beautiful Belted Kingfisher...

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California Quail Ready to be Released in Osoyoos!

Posted by vindi

Help Save Wildlife Today! In late May, a finder came across a nest containing two California Quail babies in the interior region of Osoyoos, BC. The kind-hearted individual rescued the possible orphans and kept them warm overnight before driving them...

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