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Posted May 19, 2023 by Tayelor, Communications Coordinator

Spring is here—temperatures rise, the sun shines longer, and nature bustles with excitement after a long winter slumber. But, for wildlife in search of food, mates, and places to raise their young, this beautiful season is also full of peril.

For babies like the trio of Dark-eyed Juncos featured in this story, competing human activity can make urban areas an especially challenging place to grow up.

Thankfully, a generous group of donors has an incredible opportunity for you to make your gift go even further. From now until May 31st, every dollar up to $30,000 will be MATCHED, which means you can double your impact for wildlife in need this spring!

Friend, your generosity changes everything for sick, orphaned, and injured wildlife. Thank you for giving them the specialized care they need to live full lives in the wild. As animal activity ramps up this spring, Wildlife Rescue needs to be prepared for anything—and your help is essential to respond to the growing number of emergencies.

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Early one spring morning, a local woman heard twittering calls outside her home. Curious, she opened her door to find three little birds nestled sweetly in a hanging flower pot on her doorstep. They were baby Dark-eyed Juncos! For days, the finder watched in awe as the parents swooped in and out of the nest, stopping briefly to feed them meals.
Three baby Dark-eved Junco in a Planter
Activity at the nest was non-stop, until one morning they seemed to miss their breakfast feedings. Then lunch came and went. When she checked on the babies, their tiny beaks opened and closed as they waited for their parents to return with food. As the day wore on, their chirps grew louder and more desperate.

By dinner time, the woman was starting to worry. “The parents have been gone too long…Something terrible must’ve happened,” she thought. Wild parents never abandon their nests without a serious cause: sometimes they’ve been hit by a car, caught by a cat or had a fatal collision with a window. Whatever the reason, when babies appear to be left alone it’s important to confirm with an expert before intervening.

The following day, the young birds were noticeably quiet. They no longer had the energy to call for food. The woman knew they must be starving. After a quick call to our Helpline, it was decided that the whole basket should be brought to our hospital to ensure the nest was not disrupted. These babies simply wouldn’t survive without immediate care.

When they arrived, the nestlings were handed to our expert wildlife team, who confirmed the babies were dehydrated and starving. This team was ready to provide urgent medical intervention and the round-the-clock care they needed to survive!

Please give and get MATCHED today to ensure as many animals as possible receive treatment and support, so they can recover and thrive in the wild!

Gifts like yours meant everything to these vulnerable Dark-eyed Juncos. Time was of the essence for their first week in care. Initially, they had to be fed an expensive insect-based diet every 15 minutes over the course of a 14-hour period. That’s about 500 mealworms a day!

Thanks to people like you, all three babies received the care and attention they needed. And after 24 days, the little trio was deemed healthy enough to be released back into the wild! Many more baby wildlife will need help over the coming months, which means your support today is urgent.

By donating today, you can double your gift and help ensure that every baby animal has the opportunity to thrive. Please give generously!

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