Give the Gift of Hope!

Posted November 30, 2020 by Vindi Sekhon

Giving Tuesday is a day dedicated to giving back, supporting the causes that matter most to you. As a wildlife lover, you can give the gift of hope and help injured wildlife from rescue to release.

Right now, we have dozens of animals in care that need your support. Birds like this young Swainson’s Thrush who was admitted to Wildlife Rescue after flying straight into a window. Although birds have excellent vision, surpassing humans in many ways, window strikes are common as birds see open sky and trees reflected in the glass. Hitting a solid pane of glass at full speed can be fatal.

This young Swainson’s Thrush in care at WRA after hitting a window. Fortunately, this bird survived the incident; this Thrush was left with a fractured coracoid, and lots of bruising and swelling. The coracoid is a strong bone that is vital for flight, so this bird could no longer fly because of this fracture. Wildlife Technicians treated this bird with pain and inflammation medication and wrapped his wing and body to allow for rest and proper healing.

Coracoid fractures are very common injuries among window strikes. Very careful handling and time for rest and recuperation is required for a full recovery. After the fracture stabilized, this bird was moved to a larger aviary where it was able to start rebuilding its flight muscles. This bird was one of the lucky few who strike windows, as he survived and was able to be released back into the wild.

Window collisions are one of the most serious human-related causes of death in birds – an estimated 25-million birds fatally collide with windows every year in Canada alone. Of the 5,000 patients Wildlife Rescue treats each year, approximately 500 are victims of window strikes. Learn how to prevent window strikes:

Contribute to the rehabilitation of injured wildlife!

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