How-to: Stop Birds From Flying Into Glass Windows

Posted April 12, 2017 by sam

Every year the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC admits more than 4,000 birds to the hospital after being bit by cars, falling from nests, flying into windows, or being orphaned during baby season (spring and summer). That means 86 percent of our intake is dedicated to bird care – wow!

Of those 4,000+ cared for, 509 birds were hurt specifically from window strikes. Unfortunately, this is not a rare occurrence.

In Canada, 25 million birds are killed each year from window strikes, according to the Canadian Wildlife Federation. In North America, this number is closer to 1 billion.

Needless to say, the safety of our flying friends is very dear to us.

In observation of National Wildlife Week, we’re providing you with a few simple ways to reduce the number of birds getting hurt by striking windows, as well as a few other easy tricks to co-exist with this beautiful segment of Canada’s wildlife.

Put Decals, Stickers, or Tape on Windows

Birds fly towards glass windows for a number of reasons – the reflection of the skyline, visible vegetation, or simply believe it to be an open space to fly through.

Placing decals, stickers, or dark tape along windows is a popular option. It’s recommended to have roughly the space of a hand between the items to maximize coverage and discourage the birds from approaching.

If you’re concerned about occupying too much space and still want a clear view out the window, look for options that are ultraviolet as they are near-invisible to humans and still visible to birds.

Several companies specifically sell “bird tape” or “bird ribbon”, such as Home Depot or ABC Bird Tape, which is designed to be more aesthetically pleasing than typical household tape.

Install Frosted, Shaded, or Opaque Windows

Bird Window Strike

Frosted, shaded, or opaque windows are a more permanent solution to deterring birds

Frosted, shaded, and opaque windows are a more permanent fixture for the home that work well.

This takes away the enticements for the birds – reflections of skyline and visibility – and instead makes them notice the glass for what it is.

There are options for windows that still allow for visibility from the inside out even with the shading.

Use Window Paint

Bird Strike Window

Painted windows can be a great deterrent, but also offer a beautiful-looking piece of art at the same time.

If there’s an artist in the house, making use of window paint can be a great way to enjoy the window while still deterring the birds.

Just be sure to follow the same rules as the tape, occupying as much space as possible and leaving less than the width of a hand visible.

Install Bird Feeders

Wildlife Tips

Bird feeders placed near the home can help draw them away from glass windows, reducing the chance of them coming to harm.

As long as there are no cats visiting your yard, placing bird feeders a few meters from windows may help drive them away from buildings and towards the feeder instead!

Even if birds are still approaching your home the added option of the feeder slows them down, reducing the chances of the birds hitting the window as fatal.

There’s also the added bonus of seeing birds happily enjoying a meal at your home.

Draw the Blinds

If none of the above options appeal to you then perhaps just take the time to draw your blinds as much as you can.

Birds are of vital importance to the ecosystem. If we do our part to ensure their safety, we can all enjoy the company of our feathered friends while reducing harm at the same time.

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