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Helping Wildlife During a Heatwave

Helping Wildlife During a Heatwave How can I help wildlife during hot weather? How do birds stay cool in this heat? What impact does excessive heat have on wildlife? How do I know when wildlife needs help? How does Wildlife Rescue keep it's patients cool?... Read More

Fledgling Raven Reunited with Family 

Spring is baby bird season! With an abundance of life outside, it is a great time to go birdwatching and enjoy nature’s busy season!  

Recently, a wildlife lover came across a Fledgling Common Raven. The sight of the big beautiful bird caught their attention and they stopped to watch for a while. However, the bird started to concern the individual as it seemed as if the bird may be injured. It was hopping on the ground, unable to fly off so the concerned individual caught the corvid and brought it to Wildlife Rescue. 

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