Your Donation Helped Build the Medical Treatment Centre!

Posted May 12, 2021 by Vindi Sekhon

Thanks to your incredible support, the Medical Treatment Centre has been successfully completed and is fully operational!

The new Medical Treatment Centre was an urgently needed conversion of an existing building at Wildlife Rescue when heavy snowfall and rain damaged a 30-year-old hospital building on site.

Your generous response enabled the construction of the Medical Treatment Centre to be completed just a few months before COVID-19. Thank you for making this project a reality!

Please continue reading below the photos for all the positive impacts for animal patients.

After Renovations Completed

Before: Food Storage Shed

Impact of Your Support

The most important benefit of this new treatment centre has been the uninterrupted care of wildlife patients at a time when the hospital continues to see rapid growth in animal admissions.

As the primary medical suite for patients, the new Treatment Centre has facilitated a number of crucial improvements:

  • Greatly improved working space for wildlife examinations that require several hands – to hold the animal, monitor vitals, administer medications.
  • Permanent stations for medication prep, examinations, report entry, and treatment.
  • Permanent space for a computer station to fill out case sheets, medical reports, etc.

With the conversion of this building to a Medical Treatment Centre, the previous exam area has been converted into two spaces – one as an isolation room for bats, the other for animal recovery after the initial exam and injury treatment.

Improved Safety and Access

Safety has improved in three key areas:

  • More centralized site location for safer access when transporting animals from Admissions.
  • Better ventilation and temperature regulation (windows, HVAC system to regulate temperature, brighter lighting).
  • Expanded space so that hospital workers can adhere to social distance safety protocols while examining patients, conducting animal treatments with colleagues, or work experience training for volunteers and interns.

With gratitude, we want to thank you for helping meet the needs of both communities and wildlife. Wildlife Rescue has made other animal care facility improvements!  Read the full update here!

If you would like to learn more about the work of Wildlife Rescue, you can view our 2020 Annual Report here

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