Your Donation Funded Animal Care Facility Improvements

Posted May 12, 2021 by Vindi Sekhon

Thanks to your incredible support, several animal care infrastructure projects have been successfully completed!

With the unexpected damage to Wildlife Rescue’s 30-year-old hospital building in 2017, the organization had to pivot quickly to continue to meet the critical needs of wild animals in distress. In response to our urgent call for help, the wildlife community rallied and enabled Wildlife Rescue to provide uninterrupted emergency and rehabilitative care for wildlife.

Wildlife Rescue is incredibly grateful to our wildlife supporters for providing the necessary funds for critical upgrades and modifications to the animal care facilities.


  • An outdoor aviary was converted to an indoor treatment and recovery space.
  • Staff kitchen in the basement of the administration building was converted for use as wildlife kitchen.


  • The faulty hot-water boiler was replaced.
  • A sturdy shed was purchased for supply storage previously located in the damaged hospital.


  • An outdoor raccoon hut was converted into two spaces – an isolation room for bats, and an animal recovery room after initial exam and injury treatment.

With gratitude, we want to thank you for helping meet the needs of injured, orphaned, and pollution-impacted urban wildlife. Wildlife Rescue has also built a new Medical Treatment Centre!  Read the full update here!

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