Gosling Rescue Caught On Camera!

Posted June 13, 2018 by sam

Spring brings forth new life, and in the wild that means hordes of baby birds and goslings. While they are accustomed to the trees, bushes, and waterways of the world, having to deal with an urban city doesn’t exactly come naturally.

This is particularly a problem with goslings. Oftentimes Canada Goose will make their nests on top of rooftops. They interpret it is as a safe space, but it comes with challenges they haven’t been raised to face through generations and generations of evolution. Without intervention, the results are disastrous.

This leads to goslings being born on rooftops, and with it being too high up often leads to injury and death of the goslings as they attempt to learn to fly and end up falling too far.

Wildlife Rescue can manage the safe rescue of these families, and does so to hundreds of geese each year. Normally this is a quiet affair. Someone calls the Wildlife Helpline, gives us a location, and the volunteer team goes out and does their thing.

Goose Gosling Rooftop

Canada Goose nest on top of a roof in Vancouver, BC. Spring 2018.

This time, however, CTV snagged along and caught the whole thing on camera. Click here to watch the video!

Wildlife Rescue volunteers extraordinaire Liz and Cathy put on a rooftop rescue clinic, safely capturing the goslings and parents and lead them to a safe location where they can learn to handle life without fear of falling from too high.

Please take a minute to watch the rescue video, and if you feel inspired to support the work being done by Wildlife Rescue, please consider donating at www.wildliferescue.ca/give, as we are a non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of the public to keep on going!

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