Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Release: Silver-haired Bat

Posted February 8, 2018 by sam

Hello and welcome to the second post in our RTR series, which stands for Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Release! This series focuses solely on “complete” animal stories – those who have plenty of evidence of their time with us that we can share with you.

This post centres around a wonderful Silver-haired Bat which arrived lethargic and slow.

The Silver-haired Bat is a medium-sized bat with dark brown-black hairs tipped with silver hairs along its back. It’s often seen around Wildlife Rescue’s neighbourhood in Burnaby, and can be spotted in many areas around the Lower Mainland scrounging for food – nocturnally, of course.

This one had been found inside of a garage, not moving around and acting lethargic and “off”.

The team took the bat in from the wonderful finders and gave it a thorough examination, provided fluids and food, and gave it a flight test to test its abilities.

After having a remarkable bounce-back from its initial condition, it was determined by the team the bat suffered from simply being grounded and dehydrated, and found itself possibly trapped in this space, making it weak.

With its rejuvenated spirit and proven ability to self-feed and fly, it was determined to be fit for release! The team contacted the initial finders and organized the bat to be picked up, and on a lovely evening it was set back to the wild.

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