Preventing Cat Attacks

Posted January 23, 2017 by linda

One of the most common reasons birds get injured are cats. At the Wildlife Rescue over 300 birds are brought in with injuries that are caused by cats every year.

What to do- Injured bird

When birds come into contact with a cat or dog, even if the pet has a gentle mouth, small puncture wounds in the skin can lead to severe infection. Any bird who has been in contact with a cat or dog should be brought to Wildlife Rescue’s wildlife hospital right away for antibiotic treatment

What to do – no cat contact

Between April and August baby songbirds will leave the nest and learn to fly. These fledgling birds will spend time on the ground before they can fly. When cats are in the area please bring the cat indoors or shoo the cat away. You can put the bird in a nearby safe spot, such as a nearby shrub. Leave the fledgling bird in the area you found it, their parents are still caring for it even though they are not constantly around.

What to do – prevention

If you own a cat, there are several options to protect birds from harm:

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