Wildlife Helpline

If you need immediate assistance please dial 604-526-7275.

The Wildlife Helpline is open from 10 AM – 4 PM,  seven days a week (Including Holidays).

Our highly skilled staff and volunteers are available to assist the public by providing leadership and direction in wildlife-related situations. We understand that finding an injured animal can be stressful for both the animal and the finder, so we are here to provide support and advice throughout the entire process – from capture to drop off.

During our slow season, we can receive 20 calls per day. During the spring and summer, this can escalate to over 60 calls per day. For perspective, in 2019 our helpline staff and volunteers responded to nearly 21,000 calls.

Working with our team, the most challenging task is to determine which animals truly need to come into care and which need to be left where they are. This is especially important during spring and summer when fledgling birds are found on the ground and thought to be injured when in fact they are perfectly healthy and progressing through a normal stage of development as they learn to fly.

The Wildlife Helpline is an important tool critical to the success of Wildlife Rescue. It supports our mission of providing leadership in rehabilitating wildlife and in promoting the welfare of wild animals in the urban environment.

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