Determining When Baby Crows Need Help

Posted June 18, 2021 by Sasha, Wildlife Technician

Finding a flightless baby crow is totally normal between late May and July. It does not imply that it has been abandoned or fallen out of the nest. If you come across a baby crow on the ground, stop, take a step back, and observe before intervening!

Of course, if the bird has any visible signs of obvious injury such as blood or a dropping wing, call our Support Centre immediately at (604) 526-7275.

If you find a crow that has few feathers, blue eyes (that may not be open fully yet), and obvious pink “lips”, you have found a nestling!

Is it out of its nest? If so, carefully return the bird to its nest and watch from a distance for the parents to return. Don’t worry, they won’t reject the baby just because you touched it!

If there are no signs of parents in 4 hours, call our Support Centre for guidance.

If it looks like an adult crow with short tail feathers and blue or grey eyes, and you found it hopping around on the ground, you have found a fledgling! Fledgling crows sometimes have pink “lips” as well.

Is it in immediate danger? If so, herd it carefully to a shrub or tree nearby. Keep any pets indoors or away from the area for a few days.

If it’s not in danger, DO NOT INTERVENE! Though it may look awkward, it’s a natural step in the bird’s development. The bird still needs time and space to learn how to fly. The parents should still be watching it from close by.

Warning: crows are some of the best parents in the animal kingdom. They will do anything to keep their little ones safe, so they may dive-bomb you if you get too close!

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