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Posted May 16, 2017 by sam

In less than a week you made an incredible thing happen – you helped raise $50,000 to help support Wildlife Rescue and its care of baby birds and animals!

These funds are being put to great use and are directly impacting the animal care program.

Since the main hospital building has been closed due to the cumulative impacts of a harsh winter, the outbuildings have been retrofitted to take in baby birds and house injured animals, such as this red-necked Grebe which arrived from Richmond.

Wildlife Red Necked Grebe Recovery

It was grounded during migration and had a crushed toenail from the fall. After spending a few days in care in the redesigned swan pen, Wildlife Rescue successfully returned him back to the wild!

Baby bird season is also in full swing! Your gift has given us the resources to take in all baby birds including the full case load of 300 baby ducklings this season, as well as the full growth space required for the four to six weeks it takes to raise them.

Duckling Care Day One

Baby ducklings sometimes arrive the very day they are born such as this batch at Wildlife Rescue.

Young Ducklings Wildlife Rescue

As they get older they are moved to the Shed Brooder space where they are given a small pool of water to swim in.

The Gift of Change

Through the generosity of these donations Wildlife Rescue has been able to re-create the care offered from the closed hospital building by retrofitting several spaces around the grounds.

Wildlife Rescue Volunteer Help

Wildlife Rescue volunteers have been amazing during this time helping the hospital in any way they can!

Hospital Space Wildlife

What was once a shed has been transformed into intake and initial examination of all wildlife. The “Raccoon Hut” is now the “Hospital Hut” – the main workspace for extensive examination and medication prep. The Isolation Room – for animals who need some quiet time – is a retrofitted storage space. The larger Mammal Pen now acts as both a brooding space for baby ducklings, and as laundry and food preparation. Finally, many of the outbuildings have been re-worked to take in the hundreds of baby animals as they come in during the spring and summer.

It’s been a labour of love. Yet for wildlife, it’s worth it.

Hospital Status

With your gift, we will move beyond restoring the out-dated hospital and make it better than ever before in order to meet current demand.

The main hospital building was erected 30 years ago with the capacity to care for 1,500 animals per year. We’re now seeing an average of 5,000 annually, with all signs pointing to an increase in the years ahead.

Knowing this we’re looking at several exciting options for the main hospital building to take in both the patient load we see today and the many more we expect in the future.

Once again, thank you so much for your generosity. With your support Wildlife Rescue has been able to continue its work here in Burnaby to rescue, rehabilitate and return injured and orphaned wildlife throughout Metro Vancouver and beyond.


Wildlife Rescue

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