Wildlife Rescue Team

Coleen Doucette

Co-Executive Director

For the last twenty years, I have had the privilege of a career in wildlife response and rehabilitation. Working with wild animals and the teams of people that dedicate their lives to reducing suffering is a humbling experience that has shaped who I am. My past leadership experience has been with Acadia Wildlife Foundation, Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research, International Bird Rescue and Focus Wildlife. In the last five years, I have focused on how we as humans create the world around us. Through my business founded in 2010, I provide services for mediation, professional coaching, and business development. I work with progressive non-profits such as BC SPCA and Community Futures, as well as evolving small businesses.

It is a pleasure to bring all my skills to bear as Executive Director of the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC (WRA). I have been involved with WRA since 2006 and am the most recent Past President of the Board of Directors. It is an honor to work with an amazing team of people as we contribute to the present and future of such an important organization.

Linda Bakker

Co-Executive Director

Linda joined the WRA team as an animal care volunteer in 2006. She has a varied background that includes a degree in surgical nursing, a Master of Arts in Environmental Science, and five years of experience working as an environmental consultant in the Netherlands. Linda has had many different positions within Wildlife Rescue including Wildlife Rehabilitator, Volunteer Coordinator, Team Leader of Wildlife Rehabilitation and Programs Director. In addition to her work at Wildlife Rescue, she resides on the Board of Directors for the Oiled Wildlife Society of BC.

Janelle Stephenson

Manager, Wildlife Hospital

Janelle began her journey at Wildlife Rescue in 2005 when she signed on as a volunteer. Through the years she moved up from this position starting with work as a summer staff member, then casual staff, a wildlife technician, communications coordinator and then finally the Wildlife Hospital Manager.

Janelle oversees animal care, treatment protocols, and personally provides aid to wildlife in care. In addition, she manages the wildlife technicians and animal care staff. Janelle has a BSc in applied animal biology, with a focus on wildlife, animal welfare, and animal nutrition. She also has a diploma in Environmental Science. She has worked with animals her whole life and is dedicated to improving the lives of animals everywhere.

Kristen Trudeau

Operations Manager

Kristen started her career in Wildlife Rehabilitation in 2013 at Edmonton’s WildNorth rehabilitation facility. There she served 3 years as a wildlife technician, volunteer coordinator and events coordinator, while gaining valuable experience in oil spill response.

Kristen rejoined Wildlife Rescue in the Spring of 2021 after spending 18 months living in Queensland Australia. Prior to this, she acted in various roles at Wildlife Rescues from 2016-2019 including Outpatient Care Manager.

Born and raised in Vancouver British Columbia, Kristen has always had a passion for wildlife, nature and the environment. She is currently taking professional development courses in the nonprofit management program at Simon Fraser University.

Jackie McQuillan

Support Centre Lead

Jackie first joined Wildlife Rescue as an animal care volunteer in 1997. After several summers spent as working in the busy wildlife hospital she was hooked and jumped into a full-time animal care position following completion of a Biology degree from Simon Fraser University.

After the better part of a decade overseeing the wildlife hospital, she took a hiatus to raise a family but has since returned in the role of Support Centre Team Lead.

Jackie has previously been heavily involved with the Wildlife Rehabilitators’ Network of BC and the Oiled Wildlife Society of BC and is a trained oiled wildlife responder. Continuing education is a passion and she has attended wildlife rehabilitation conferences all over North America trying to learn as much as possible from her colleagues.

Sheila Dickinson

Donor Relations Coordinator

Sheila returned to the WRA team in 2016, after serving as WRA Administrator for 3 years (2009 – 2012). A native of Ontario, she moved to BC in 2005 to volunteer at a local wildlife conservation centre before starting a volunteer position at Wildlife Rescue in 2009. She has a BSc degree (Zoology) from the University of Guelph and an Associate Diploma In Veterinary Technology from Ridgetown College, Ontario. Prior to joining WRA, Sheila gained valuable experience in administration and animal care at The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Virginia and small animal veterinary clinics in Ontario and BC.

Bonnie Walker

Community Relations Specialist

Bonnie joined Wildlife Rescue in 2021 as Community Relations Specialist and is responsible for connecting our incredible community of supporters to the work we do as an organization. Bonnie comes to Wildlife Rescue with a degree in Global Stewardship from Capilano University, 6 years of professional experience in nonprofit development and community relations, and 6 years of volunteer and internship experience prior.

As a longtime supporter herself, beginning at 6 years old when she made her first donation to support injured wildlife, Wildlife Rescue has been inspiration for a rewarding career in service to the community and environment.

In her free time, Bonnie can usually be found with a cup of tea and her nose in a book, or spending time with her animals at home.

Neil Tracey

Support Centre Manager

With a background in volunteer management and interpretation, Neil brings his love of communication and organization to the Wildlife Support Centre. He joined the team in March 2021 after a career with the Vancouver Aquarium, Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, and Ocean Wise Conservation Association.

He has served on the board of the Administrators of Volunteer Resources of British Columbia professional organization and presented training and workshops to the National Association for Interpretation and Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada. Ask him about spreadsheets.

When not at managing out-of-hospital care for Wildlife Rescue, Neil is working on completing a degree through Thompson Rivers University’s Open Learning program, teaches first aid, and spends time with his beloved plants.

Vindi Sekhon

Communications Coordinator

Vindi joined Wildlife Rescue in April 2019 as the Communications Coordinator. With a passion for communications, marketing, development and organization, Vindi completed her Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication and minor in Marketing from Royal Roads University. Her experience in various corporate, non-profit and small business organizations has allowed her to develop a versatile portfolio that allows her to step into tasks and challenges with ease.

Vindi is able to communicate professionally with internal and external stakeholders with confidence and build rapport with everyone she meets.

In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, nature and spending time with animals.

Sierra Monastersky

Community Relations Assistant

Sierra joined the WRA team back in June of 2018 as a summer student, working in the Wildlife Helpline. Inspired by the incredible volunteers and finders, she stayed on as a staff member in the Support Centre for three years while she worked her way through her Biology degree at Simon Fraser University. Recently, at the end of 2021, she took on a new role of Community Relations Assistant where she looks forward to further connecting with the community and the amazing supporters of WRA.

Born and raised in BC, Sierra is dedicated to discovering everything our province has to offer. Most of her spare time is spent kayaking or camping and exploring every inch of the backcountry.

Aiden Stephens

Support Centre Coordinator

Aiden joined the team as a summer student in the Support Centre back in 2018, and officially as a full-time staff member in 2021. She graduated with a degree in Geography and Environmental Science from the University of British Columbia in 2020.

Aiden is passionate about wildlife and environmental education, which is why she loves working in the support centre so much! In her free time, Aiden enjoys doing anything outdoors such as hiking, kayaking, and skiing.

Sasha Rink

Graphic Design & Communications Assistant / Junior Wildlife Technician

Sasha joined Wildlife Rescue in 2019 as a Wildlife Care Assistant and spent the summer caring for baby birds. She loved it so much, she hasn’t left since! Sasha now works as a Junior Wildlife Technician, as well as helping out with marketing and development as a Graphic Design & Multimedia Assistant.

Sasha holds a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of British Columbia, where she specialized in animal welfare and conservation. Sasha is passionate about improving the lives of all animals, and has worked with domestic, farm, and wild animals.

In her spare time, Sasha enjoys hanging out with her four spoiled house rabbits, hiking, enjoying nature, and photographing wildlife.

Mira Ziolo

Lead Veterinarian

Mira Ziolo is the Lead Veterinarian for Wildlife Rescue Association of BC and is dedicated to building healthier relationships between wildlife and people.  After graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2007, she traveled through Europe, East Africa, and Canada as a locum veterinarian and consultant at wildlife-human interfaces.  Today, she supports Wildlife Rescue, works as an emergency and locum veterinarian, and is completing an interdisciplinary Ph.D. (UBC) at the Mountain Gorilla-Human interface in Rwanda and Congo.  She intends to pair her knowledge and experiences from global wildlife-human interfaces with our incredible species and communities in BC.  On her off time, she loves biking, running, diving and just generally exploring new places and communities with her Border Collie, Beau.

Kimberly Kennedy

Wildlife Technician (RVT)

Kimberly’s career began at the Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia in June 2019 as a Registered Veterinary Technician. Kimberly attended Holland College for Environmental Science Technology in her hometown of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. She then moved to Northern Ontario to study Veterinary Technology and Wildlife Rehabilitation at Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology. Kimberly graduated with an Advanced diploma in 2016 and began working in the field of veterinary medicine in animal hospitals all across Canada. She moved to British Columbia in December 2017 to begin her journey in wildlife rehabilitation. In her spare time, Kimberly enjoys spending time outdoors with her dog Maddie.

Frankie Norton-Hall

Wildlife Technician (RVT)

Frankie is the newest addition to the Wildlife Technician team. Frankie’s passion for wildlife rehabilitation started during her Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology. After graduation, she became an Intern and then Junior wildlife rehabilitator at BC SPCA Wild ARC in 2015.

Wanting to develop her medical skills, Frankie then graduated as a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2016. She worked in several general practices and specialty clinics before becoming Medical Team Lead at her current clinic. In early 2020, Frankie spent 1 month volunteering at an orphaned elephant calf rehabilitation centre in Sri Lanka, reigniting her desire to become a Wildlife Technician.

On the weekends, Frankie can be found in the mountains – either skiing, hiking, or camping – or spending time with her 20-year-old cat, Sadie.

Meghan Coghlan

Wildlife Technician

Meghan joined Wildlife Rescue in July 2016 as an animal care volunteer and eventually progressed to become a staff assistant volunteer the following year. She was brought on as a Junior Wildlife Technician in November 2017 also dabbling in the volunteer recruitment and coordination services at Wildlife Rescue. After leaving for the summer of 2019 to raise orphaned moose calves in Alaska, Meghan is back at Wildlife Rescue as a Wildlife Technician.

Meghan grew up in Burnaby, BC constantly surrounded by animals and nature. She is passionate about environmental sustainability and protecting the ever-increasing vulnerability of urban wildlife. She indulges in many hobbies such as knitting, baking and exploring the different (introduction) dance classes the city has to offer!

Brandon Law

Junior Wildlife Technician

Brandon joined Wildlife Rescue Association in the spring of 2018. As a Jr Wildlife Technician, he helps maintain the flow of care and treatment for all the patients on-site as well as organizing the volunteers to ensure that all the patients receive the greatest welfare possible before they are released. A large part of the job is overseeing the treatment plan for every patient alongside his coworkers. As a resident bird expert, he checks that all the information about the birds is correct before a treatment plan is made.

His academic and work-related backgrounds are in biology and ornithology. Having spent time working in the field studying birds in Alberta and banding birds with the Iona banding station, he has acquired an acute knowledge of native birds and their ecologies. It was his time working with birds in their native habitat that taught him the value of conservation and how amazing birds can be! His passion for birds has led him to seek out as much as he can learn about all the birds in his backyard. He has also gained extensive experience caring for animals in captivity where he has obtained significant knowledge related to enclosure design and enrichment.

Brandon has an eye for creativity and enjoys many hobbies such as photography, crafting, and dance. He will often use his creative mind to come up with unique solutions for unique situations at the centre.