Board Member: Treasurer

Wildlife Rescue rehabilitates wildlife affected by human activity and provides education to the public on co-existing with urban wildlife. Wildlife Rescue runs a wildlife hospital on the south shore of Burnaby Lake and treats animals from across Metro Vancouver, the rest of BC, and farther afield.

The role of the Board is to: provide leadership and oversight to Wildlife Rescue and its activities; represent the interests of its Members, and the broader community; ensure broad organizational accountability and transparency; and facilitate active and meaningful external relationships. Members of the board are passionate about Wildlife Rescue’s mission and are committed to the organizational values of respect, caring, creativity, and collaboration.

This is an exciting time for Wildlife Rescue, as it evolves and adapts to an ever-increasing number of injured wildlife brought to its Hospital. Over the last two years, Wildlife Rescue has worked hard to re-align organizational strengths to achieve greater mission achievement, in support of injured wildlife.

Wildlife Rescue has a long history of successes and is looking to bring in a number of new board members who are excited to be a part of the renewed growth and relevance of the organization. As the organization embarks on new and innovative fund development initiatives, board members will have the opportunity to play a collaborative role with senior staff in achieving these critical philanthropic goals.

The Treasurer is responsible for working with the Executive Director to ensure that effective financial systems and procedures have been established, are being consistently followed, and are in line with best practice and legal requirements. The Treasurer acts as an information and reference point for the board: clarifying financial implications of proposals; confirming legal requirements; outlining the current financial status; obtaining relevant documentation; and helping the Board manage financial risk within financial policies.

Skills Required

  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Current knowledge of accounting practices
  • Accounting designation
  • 4-7 years of related professional experience
  • Knowledge of Wildlife Rescue Association

Time Commitment

5-10 hours per month for 2 years

Governance Roles & Responsibilities

  • Commit to the mission, vision, and values of Wildlife Rescue.
  • Oversee adherence to all policies and legal requirements.
  • Prepare for and participate in Board meetings, Annual General Meetings, and Extraordinary Meetings.
  • Serve on one or more task force or committee, attend all meetings, and engage in the work of the committee.
  • Support the hiring, monitoring, and evaluation of the Executive Director.
  • Participate in strategic planning for the organization.
  • Support the organization financially.
  • Review and approve operational policies.
  • Identify and recruit prospective Board members.
  • Participate in the annual Board self-evaluation.
  • Be an ambassador for Wildlife Rescue – ensure involvement is known within their own network of friends and contacts.
  • Keep informed about community issues relevant to the mission and objectives of Wildlife Rescue

Treasurer Roles & Responsibilities

  • Oversees the management of the finances of the organization, including the budget, as approved and reviewed by the Board and managed by the Executive Director and Operations & Finance Director.
  • Ensures the keeping of clear and accurate financial records, reports, and returns as necessary to comply with the BC Societies Act and the Income Tax Act.
  • Ensures financial policies and procedures are adhered to by Board and staff.
  • Provides quarterly reports to the Board on the financial state of the organization, ensuring the Board understands the finances of the organization so that sound decisions can be made.
  • Serves as Chair of the Finance Committee.
  • Acts as a signing officer of the Board.
  • Ensures current and acceptable financial practices are in place in the organization.
  • Meets annually with the auditor to finalize the financial statements of the organization and presents the statements at the Annual General Meeting.
  • In partnership with the Executive Director and/or Operations & Finance Director.

To apply: please submit your resume, together with a letter of interest outlining your interest in the board position, in a single pdf file to Human Resources Director, at