Help Build Animal Care Spaces for Rescued Wildlife!

For the first time, Wildlife Rescue Association will be running its own independent crowdfunding campaign and we need your help!
Donate today or start your own fundraising page to spread the word even further!

What is the Animal Care Spaces campaign?

Wildlife Rescue is expanding! This year, a record-breaking number of animal emergencies have been handled by Wildlife Rescue staff and volunteers and to ensure we are prepared for what the future of animal rescue holds, our team has identified three important needs for our site. To equip staff and volunteers with the resources they need to continue lifesaving animal rehabilitation, the Animal Care Spaces campaign seeks to build these new spaces with your support.

1. Rehabilitation Flight Pen

Rescued birds need a place to stretch their wings as they recover, and orphaned babies need a place to learn these important skills! This pen will give our feathered friends a safe place to practice these important skills before being released back to their natural environment.

2. Outdoor Admissions

We have quickly outgrown our current offices as more and more animals are brought into our care. Through this campaign, we hope to build a space to safely welcome rescued animals and get them into the hands of our trained staff and volunteers faster than ever.

3. Outdoor Work Area

When your patients’ diets consist largely of insects and fish, things can get messy quickly! Sheltered outdoor work areas are multipurpose, protect from the elements, and make it possible for wildlife technicians and volunteers to clean equipment, prepare meals, and so much more.

Put your mark on Wildlife Rescue’s legacy and increase your impact by contributing to Wildlife Rescue’s infrastructure that will endure for years to come!