It’s spring, tiny beaks are poking out into the world, filling the air with chirps and squeaks.

But not all newborns have a smooth start. Some need a little extra love and care, and that’s where YOU come in.

You might have attended a baby shower to celebrate the arrival of a brand-new human bundle of joy. But have you ever been to a shower for thousands of adorable newborns?

Welcome to our Wildlife Baby Shower!

While it’s filled with as much cuteness as you can imagine, this wildlife shower helps save lives.

Every week in spring, over a hundred young animals come through the doors of the Wildlife Hospital, seeking solace and life-saving support.

These wild baby patients need your help.

Picture this: baby birds chirping with joy, with tiny feathers and curious eyes peeking into the world, while you make a difference in their lives.

Support these precious babies by joining this heartwarming Baby Shower. From essential supplies to expert care, every dollar you donate goes directly to giving these little ones a fighting chance.

Whether it’s a cozy nest, a nutritious meal, or a dose of healing medicine. Your contribution ensures these wild babies get the start in life they deserve.

Your contribution isn’t just a gift – it’s a lifeline for your feathered friends.

So, let’s shower these wild babies with compassion, care, and the essentials that help them grow strong and resilient. Join us for a one-of-a-kind celebration where every gift, big or small, makes a world of difference.

Thank you for being a part of this wild adventure. Thank you for your unwavering support for wildlife.


Follow this link to the Wildlife Baby Shower gift list:

Click here to help wild babies!

Let’s make a splash and give these little ones the best springtime ever!