Wildlife Emergencies on the Rise

Help Babies in Distress This Spring


Today, you can help save wildlife by committing to one gift per month for the next 3 months.   

Spring is the most exciting time of year for the animal kingdom—especially when the first babies start to arrive! It is also a time of peril for these innocent babies. The biggest threat comes from humans eager to prepare their yards and gardens for summer enjoyment.

Will you help them survive this vulnerable time and pledge to giving monthly over the next 3 months?

Your steady support helps Wildlife Rescue care for every single animal in need with dependable monthly income.

In the past two months alone, we’ve taken 672 animals into care – 55% more than last year at this time. As well, calls to our Helpline are 73% higher than last year, with 3,663 callers seeking assistance for animals in the last two months!

Will you pledge a monthly donation for 3 months to help the many animals in need this spring?