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With spring on the horizon, hatchlings and other baby animals will soon venture from their nests, becoming brave little explorers—so long as their parents are nearby. By March, ducklings are doing just that, taking their first tentative steps, often in urban landscapes filled with potential dangers.

Increased wildlife activity means more animal emergencies, especially in urban areas.

During the spring, you can make a big difference. Right now, thanks to an exciting match opportunity, your impact goes twice as far! All gifts will be matched until we reach our goal of $30,000 - thanks to a group of generous donors.

This is a wonderful time to double your impact for wildlife in need of rescue and care!

When you give today, your gift will go twice as far for wild animals and their young. Your gift provides distressed animals with health assessments, medical treatment and rehabilitative care so they can be returned to the wild.

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In the wild, parents may make up to 1,000 trips to the nest each day to feed all their young.

Almost 50% of animal emergencies each year involve juvenile and baby animals

It costs $420 a week to raise one baby at the hospital with incubation, daily health and weight check, specialized diet, nest cleaning, and feeding every 15 minutes from dawn to dusk.

Common Questions

Q: Can I volunteer?

A: Absolutely! Please visit this page for information on how to get involved.

Q: I've found an animal. What can I do?

A: Please visit this page for more information.