Meeting Details 
 June 12, 2021
Time: 11:00 am
Meeting location: Zoom link to be sent via email
Purpose: Amend language of Resolution and verify member contact information

Your attendance is needed at the Special General Meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to change an important section in the bylaws.

COVID-19 has caused many changes in the non-profit world and we need your support as members in addressing some shifts in regulations for important funding sources. To ensure that Wildlife Rescue is always well positioned for donations, grants, and foundation funding, the Board of Directors requests the membership to attend a short General Meeting to pass a resolution that provides a necessary change to the organization’s bylaws.

WRA Bylaws, Section 7.4 (h)
Current: has been recommended by the Board Development Committee; and

Changing to…

Language for Resolution: “has been recommended by the Board Development Committee or nominated by 6 Members; and” 

For your information, the 2018 Bylaws are available.

PLEASE RSVP for the Special General Meeting at

An update or verification for your contact information is needed at this time! Wildlife Rescue is legally required to keep this information current so please fill out the form below at your earliest convenience.