Fur and Feathers Adoptions - Wildlife Rescue Association of BC

Looking for a thoughtful, unique, and beneficial gift for an animal lover?

Wildlife Rescue’s Fur & Feathers adoption program is a tangible way to help one of the thousands of animals that require immediate assistance every year. Caring for wild animals is expensive; a single patient costs around $260 to care for! This cost includes natural, protein-rich foods, enrichment, heating pads and incubators, medications, supplements, expert care and health monitoring.

By adopting the care of these animals you give the gift of life, providing care from dawn to dusk to animals in need.

With a few simple steps, you will be able to generate an adoption certificate for yourself or a wildlife enthusiast in your life. First, select your adoption species and complete your payment. Next, you will be prompted for the honoree’s name (we’ll email you a link in case you want to finish this step later). Once you are satisfied with your Adoption Certificate you can download and share it digitally or print and mail it to a loved one!

Each adoption includes:

  • An Adoption certificate
  • Species information
  • Charitable tax receipt

Choose an animal to adopt below!

Anna’s Hummingbird American Robin Great Blue Heron