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Great Blue Heron, Big Blue Needs our Help After Window Strike

Caring for Great Blue Heron such as this is a lot of work. They require constant attention-particularly when they’re in groups to ensure no violence breaks out. Yet while this is a concern, typically this behavior is only exhibited when there’s a scarcity of resources, so while they’re in care its quickly made clear there’s going to be enough food for all of them.

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Windows Pose a Threat to Migratory Birds

Windows pose a huge threat to birds, especially those which are flying on their migratory routes. By reflecting foliage or sky, the windows look inviting to birds on their route. However, this deceptive illusion will often lead to the bird crashing into the window which can result in serious injuries and sometimes death.

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Pay Attention to Hummingbird Feeders in the Winter

As we prepare for deadly cold snaps this winter, we want to educate and encourage our friends on how we can become instrumental to the survival of these hummingbirds.

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