Save Birds From the Danger of Your Windows

The windows in our homes are a huge danger to our neighborhood birds. In the spring, birds are migrating north to find the best place for nesting and raising their young. As they are navigating our yards they can fly into windows because the foliage and sky are reflecting, making it look as though the animal can fly through. This deceptive illusion often leads to the bird crashing into the window which can result in serious injuries and sometimes death.

During the day, birds may experience a reflection or to see right through the window to the other side. Many bird species are most active at night and can become disorientated by lights shining from windows, often fly toward the light and crash into windows.

In addition, some birds will suffer injuries during mating season when they believe they are defending their territories. The birds see their reflection in the glass and believes it to be another bird, a competing male and may attack the window with force attempting to scare the intruder off.


Tips to Help Stop Birds from Hitting Windows

  • Using decals, stickers, and sun-catchers can help to break up window reflections. We suggest using multiple decals that are at least 6-inches in diameter. These can help birds know there is a solid object ahead. Place these decals and stickers in both horizontal and vertical directions for optimal coverage.
  • Tempera Paint or Soap: By applying a layer of soap on the outside of your windows, you create a film that may be visible to birds. You can also use tempera paint and create bold and bright patterns to add some design to your windows.
  • Close Blinds and Shutters: Please close your blind, curtain and shutters at night as soon as the sun goes down. Many bird species travel at night and lights coming from windows can interfere with their internal radar.
  • Screens: A protective screen across the front of your windows can help prevent birds from inadvertently striking into them. (do not use netting as this can be a trap for birds.)
  • Turn Off Lights: Switch your lights off when leaving your home. Not only are you helping to save the environment, but you will also help to prevent nocturnal birds from getting confused and striking the glass.

Helping an injured bird

If you see a bird that has hit a window, check to see if it is laying on the ground or sitting up. If it is sitting up, simply watch to see how it does. Birds often recover on their own from a lite hit. If the bird is laying down, cover it with a colander or gently place the bird in a paper bag or small box with ventilation holes. Be sure that the bag or box is securely closed. Place the contained bird in a WARM, DARK, QUIET place away from pets, children, and noise. Handle the bird as little as possible and give our Support Centre a call at 604-526-7275 for further guidance.

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