Gosling Rescue Caught On Camera!

Spring brings forth new life, and in the wild that means hordes of baby birds and goslings. While they are accustomed to the trees, bushes, and waterways of the world, having to deal with an urban city doesn't exactly come... More Details

How To: Reunite Nestlings

Wildlife Rescue has tasked you with reuniting an animal with its family. Although it can seem a little intimidating to some, the process is fairly simple. Follow these few steps and you'll have given a wonderful gift to a wild... More Details

Kieran Bridge – A Friend Remembered

In January of this year, Wildlife Rescue lost one of its own. Kieran Bridge has worked as Wildlife Rescue's lawyer since the late-1980's. His involvement in the organization pushed WRA to new heights, helping in whatever capacity was asked of... More Details

Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Release: Silver-haired Bat

Hello and welcome to the second post in our RTR series, which stands for Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Release! This series focuses solely on "complete" animal stories - those who have plenty of evidence of their time with us that we... More Details

Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Release: Canada Goose

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RU0qAzPyVLw&feature=youtu.be Welcome to the first edition of Wildlife Rescue's newly minted triple-R series, which stands for Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release. This series focuses solely on "complete" stories of a wild animal's time with us. In each post you'll get to... More Details

Wildlife Rescue Benefit Concert

The YVR POP CHOIR is putting on a benefit concert for Wildlife Rescue! The concert will be December 2  at 7PM inside of the Woodward's building at the atrium. The 60-singer strong choir, which formed in 2016, will be singing... More Details

Bullock’s Oriole: From Nearly Frozen to Death to Living a New Life in the West

The Bullock's oriole, which came from our friends at the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre last week, was officially released Tuesday morning! The weather couldn't have been better. It was a beautiful, sunshiny day in Port Coquitlam, where the... More Details

Thank You For Caring

Hello, Wildlife Champion! If you're reading this it means you've once taken the first step towards helping injured, orphaned and pollution-damaged wildlife in B.C. It's because of you wildlife in Metro Vancouver are able to get a second chance at... More Details

How-to: Prevent Cat Attacks on Wildlife

The spring and summer is one of the busiest times of year for newborn wildlife, but unfortunately outdoor cats too often cause these creatures their chance at life. Wildlife Rescue has already taken in several injured animals this year due... More Details

Struggle and Growth: Great Blue Herons

Wildlife Rescue is currently housing, feeding, and helping grow not one or two, but five Great Blue Herons on site. These large wading birds, affectionately referred to as the “Muppet babies” by our Wildlife Technicians, all came to us except... More Details
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