How to Help Backyard Birds Survive Freezing and Snowy Weather

imals and humans both need to manage through winter’s adverse conditions of freezing weather and snowstorms. When we’re all tucked up in our warm homes, it’s easy to overlook what we can do to make winter survival easier for wildlife in our backyards.

All about Mason Bees

Bee populations have dropped by 50 percent in the last 25 years! Habitat loss, climate change and pesticides have all contributed to this decline. But we can help by making backyard habitats for these solitary critters!

Sarah and Sam the Snow Geese

Snow Geese are a type of animal we only see in winter at the Wildlife Rescue. Can you guess why? The answer is because they migrate!

Preventing Cat Attacks

One of the most common reasons birds get injured are cats. At the Wildlife Rescue over 300 birds are brought in with injuries that are caused by cats every year.